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06:37pm 13/05/2003
  What happened to this community? Did someone drop a bomb? It was pretty sexy. I'll post this thing up if I have to. Doesn't matter, cause I'm embarrassed to watch this video by some guys called "trapt". Lots of angry young men in the audience, flying newspaper and kids that are just too fed up about mopping driveways. The best part really is the angry father yelling at his son holding the Big Gulp. What were they thinking when they made this? "we need more flying newspaper!, your motivation is that you are really mad about mopping, feel it!". More importantly, I just bought these crest white strips, I couldn't pass them up because it was packed with a free spin brush. My teeth will be whiter then all of you fuckers.

Seeing Ken Andrews later this month, may as well say i'm seeing Failure, it's gonna be the bizomb.

glisser glisser gash
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09:21am 17/11/2002
  hey everybody, this is my first post. i'd just like to say that i don't think that anybody really likes bjork. i've always subscribed to the fact that people think that other people care what you are listening to. apparently, if you listen to bjork, you also get a free pass to the banana republic to buy artsy looking pretentious clothes too. what's to like in bjork, the out of key singing or the beats and rythyms that somebody else creates for her?


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12:34am 12/11/2002
  You know who I really can't stand?

The Vines.

Yeah, is it really that fucking neccessary to make such idiotic looking faces when you sing? Not only that, but they completely took a shit on Outkast when they did that cover.

But besides that, they really suck.

Tango Tango Tragedy
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unplugged on mtv. 
01:53am 28/10/2002
  if kurt cobain was still alive, and nirvana still a band...they'd suck.

wretched human emotions generate so much connection between artists and audiences. this is exactly why we haven't seen anything revolutionary since his death. it's all been some sort of imitation. but then again, what isnt?

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goddamn kurt cobain. 
05:08am 19/10/2002
  the foo fighters trying to be emo rock 'n rollers is sorta funny.

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02:26pm 18/10/2002
  I might be out of the loop on this one, but has everyone heard these Las Ketchup girls? They took Rapper's Delight and reworked it into the macarena v2.0. Ugh. Trash..

-glisser glisser gash.
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year after year. 
01:35pm 16/10/2002
-colt .45
-jack johnson & dispatch

there aren't many moments in life any sweeter than last night.

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carmen san diego. 
05:16pm 07/10/2002
  i'm sure i've told you all before that i'm always game for some quality gangsta rap, hip-hop, what have you. however, i was watching BET today and saw one of the most pointless videos ever:

big tymers. "oh yeah." of their hood rich album.

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10:10am 27/09/2002
  have any of you heard the new lady tron album?
i was thinking about bying it. i love lady tron, but i want to make sure it's good before i purchase it...

help a sista out yo

shake shake suffocate
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09:09am 22/09/2002

I spend a good deal of my online time, searching for kids on that site and reading the music section of their profile. I am amazed at some of the things these kids listen to, and call "good music". Hoobstank? Sum 41? some other random band trying to get rich off the catchy punk trend that swept the nation? I'm not saying that these people are bad musicians, but maybe they just made a bad decision in starting a band that covers michael jackson songs or does a split music video where at the end theyre dancing around with mullet wigs on wearing leather chaps and a white snake patch on their denim jacket. I guess you can call me close minded if you want to. But I don't really look at it as being close minded, I look at it as having an ever present need and want to find great music. Quality music. Meaningful music, made FOR the music, not for the money making machine. Yeah. The End.

On another note...
Kill me if i ever start listening to or liking any of the following bands....
Limp Bizkit
Linkin Park
Alien Ant Farm
Jimmy Eat World
SUM 41

shake shake suffocate
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02:00pm 18/09/2002
  i really don't care for the term "neo-garage"

::foxtrot foxtrot pistolwhip::
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wearing black. 
04:45pm 11/09/2002
  new this fall, my school dropped mtv2 and picked up the YES network [yankee baseball] for the cable that all the resident students get.

as much as mtv2 was mtv. i'd rather watch that instead of derek jeter trying not to break a fucking nail.

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10:33am 09/09/2002
  I'm not going to bomb on music....
it's too beautiful outside to be mad,
so instead I thought I'd share the soundtrack of my life with you people.

On rainy days, my friend and I used to sit in our apartment and think of top ten lists and such, we made a list of songs that suit us, like if someone made a movie about us, what songs would we want to have on the soundtrack, i modified mine a little but here it is.....


Nico: these days
Pete yorn: dancer in the dark(cover)
belle and sebastian: we rule the school
bjork:someone in love
black box recorder: weekend
blur: you're so great
death cab for cutie: why you'd want to live here
eartha kitt: i want to be evil
elliott smith: here if you want me
handsome boy modeling school: the truth
juliana hatfield: cry in the dark
kleenex girl wonder: sleeping in the apartment
le tigre: eau d' bedroom dancing
modest mouse: mice eat cheese
mogwai: dial-revenge
neutral milk hotel: aeroplane o'er the sea
nick drake: fly
nico (again): Nicolette (ya know- cause that's my name and all)
rem! losing my religion
rolling stones: she smiled sweetly
sea and cake: you beautiful bastard
the dears: autonomy
the smiths: there is a light that never goes out
yves montand: la byciclette

shake shake spin and around and dance in the rain (i've edited my alias just for this day.)
aka shake shake suffocate
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02:38pm 07/09/2002
  good bands breaking up. is it a curse? or is it justified? i could name more than a few "quality" bands that bit the bullet.

maybe they saved themselves from becoming everything we hate.

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what to do? 
01:49am 30/08/2002
  i've always not liked dave matthews. more his band than him. i thought he couldn't sing for shit, but played a mean axe.

however, as of late [read: the past year or so], i've felt very compelled to purchase one of his albums because of my desire to hear his acoustic stuff so much.


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things we do alone. 
01:23am 28/08/2002

i'm really fearing what is gonna be considered "classic rock" in 20 years.

limp bizkit? creed? if any of today's popular culture translates to anything "classic" by the time i have kids and sit remembering "days of yore," please kick my ass and call me carl.


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04:53pm 25/08/2002
  Word to yo moms

We don't need to register new member in order for them to post anymore. All of the maintainers are super busy so, y'all can use whatever alias you'd like. If you don't see someone using it- it's available and yours for the taking.
any questions or comments email us at noiseandpoison@hotmail.com

ps.... get people to join. I still have the lovely mix cd that's ready to be mailed out to one lucky killer.

shake shake suffocate
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02:08pm 23/08/2002
  pretty girls make graves

i bought the album when it came out. i've never heard anyone rip off fugazi and atdi so blatently. people have told me you can't rip off a band if they're not together anymore, but these guys may have well torn out their souls.

and the chick should keep her mouth open for cock washin', not singing.

: foxtrot foxtrot pistolwhip :
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01:37pm 23/08/2002
  Where are all the decent lyricists in music these days?

Boxstep Boxstep Forksintheeyes
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02:24pm 23/08/2002
mood: evil
ok, i know they have a bunch of followers...but i dont think p.o.d. is great. i think they kinda suck. they remind me of a shitty rapper like dr. dre. none of their songs have ever really blown me away, and the only one that i could stand (alive), was so overplayed i wanted to puke. but thats just me.

oh and not that this has to do with his music, but i hope chris carabbabababa dies. i hope that his "balls" are ripped off, sautayed in draino (sry about the spelling) and then fed to him. and then he will dieeeeeeeeee. mwahahaha. stupid fucking prick. :)

hop hop homicide
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